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Microbiology major using a microscope in the lab

Undergraduate Program

Microbiology, the study of microorganisms, is of major importance to our lives. Our in-depth understanding of the molecular basis of life has, to a large degree, come from the study of microbial systems. The important role of microorganisms as disease agents and in cycling nutrients in the environment ties the study of microbiology closely to both medicine and agriculture. Microbiology also impacts the areas of bioremediation, alternative fuels, and astrobiology, the study of possible life on other celestial bodies.

Modern biotechnology has its roots in applications of microbiology, supplying us with antibiotics, insulin, interferon, human growth hormone, and a host of other medical and research products previously available only in trace amounts.

Microbiology stresses experimental rather than descriptive approaches to research, which is why the science of microbiology is vigorous, growing rapidly and appealing to students. As we learn more about microbial life forms, we can apply this knowledge to advance the sciences of medicine and technology, making the world a better place.

The Bachelor of Science degree from the Microbiology program at SIU will prepare students to enter into rapidly expanding careers in microbiology research with practical applications in business, industry, and medicine.